5 Packing and Laundry Tips for Business Travellers

"I am also a big traveller and I do not like the hotels washing my more delicate clothes, so I always throw the Allurette in my case" - Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice

Travelling for business can be exciting, motivating, and fun, but it can also be difficult, tiring, and smelly. After all, packing an array of business clothes into a small carry-on without compromising the fresh, presentable look that is required for meetings and functions, is no simple feat. When we consider that this tiring affair is often exacerbated by sheer fabrics and delicate garments that serve to greatly complicate the washing and drying process, it’s easy to see why so many business travellers dread their next trip abroad.

Janine Allis 

With the new, portable Allurette gentle washer, we aim to overcome these problems by bringing the convenience of effective laundry right into your home away from home, making it easier than ever before to wash delicate items such as silk blouses and chiffon scarves. However, there are plenty more little tips and tricks that will help keep your business outfits looking fresh and smelling rosy, so read on to find out how to make the struggles of business packing a thing of the past!

1. Lighten your Load:

Most business travellers seem to agree that avoiding checked luggage is the most important aspect of regular globetrotting, and it’s easy to see why when we consider that travelling with carry-on luggage reduces time spent loitering at airports, and eradicates the potential delays and stress caused by lost or damaged checked baggage. Not to mention that smaller, lighter, less cumbersome bags are generally easier to travel with, especially when that travel might be taking place at short notice and involving lots of transport connections. To slim your pack down to one lightweight, carry-on bag, it’s recommended to stick to neutral colour palettes that enable your garments to be mixed and matched into different ensembles, and to commit yourself to doing laundry during your travels. This is where the portable and electricity-free Allurette gentle washer can come in handy!  

2. Use dry cleaner bags:

Dry cleaner bags help to keep your clothes looking fresh and crease-free by reducing friction. Select the garments you most need to preserve, and stick to one item per bag for the best results. Your clothes should arrive in the same state in which you packed them, making it easy to hit the ground running with a new outfit if necessary.

3. Pack Smart:

It’s common knowledge that there are two generally accepted methods for packing clothes for travel: the rolling method and the folding method. Each person seems to swear by just one of these, insisting that their method saves time and space and is ultimately more practical, but it can pay to expand your views just a little in order to acknowledge that different fabrics respond differently to each of these methods, which should help to determine your packing strategy from the moment you’ve organised your outfits. Simply remember that light and heavy fabrics, such as silk and wool, or fabrics that are prone to creasing, typically benefit the most from folding, while everything in between, such as cotton, generally prefers to be rolled.  

4. Take steps to prevent wrinkles:

Some simple preventative measures can go a long way when it comes to keeping your clothes looking as fresh as possible, although you should, of course, always consult your care label to determine what methods are safe to test out on your fabrics. Firstly, do your best to wear the clothes you're trying to keep fresh and presentable only when you actually need to look fresh and presentable. That means if you’re hanging out at your accommodation or strolling the streets on your free time, you should endeavour to change into a spare pair of clothes that you don’t necessarily mind staining or sweating through. You could also try hanging your clothes on arrival to help prevent creasing, or dampening the wrinkled areas and then gently pulling the fabric taut to help remove unsightly creases. Alternatively, you might prefer to invest in a wrinkle-releasing spray, to hang your clothes in the bathroom to utilise the de-wrinkling properties of steam from the shower, or simply to use the hotel iron, fabric, time, and accommodation permitting. Different methods work with varying degrees of success, depending on the item and the fabric from which it’s woven, so if you have the time and will, it can help to try out a couple of different packing and de-wrinkling methods before your trip, in order to see which ones have the best effect on each of your garments.

5. Keep it fresh and fragrant:

Try packing some small, fragrant soaps or scented sachets alongside your clothes. This will help stave off the musty or mouldy smells that can transform even the most graceful ensemble into a downtrodden outfit that lacks vivacity and freshness. Many also recommend spritzing the clothes with light body sprays or fabric freshening sprays that are specially designed for deodorising garments. As mentioned in the previous point, hanging your clothes and ensuring that you’re not wearing them more than necessary, will help keep them smelling fresh for longer, and is a simple tactic that may just save you a lot of time in the long run.

Keeping your clothes clean, fresh, and presentable is easier than ever before thanks to these basic care and maintenance tips! Give them a go next time you're away for business, and mix and match techniques to find out what works best for you!   

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