Allurette founder, Ash, uses the Allurette to wash clothes for his newborn twins



I use the Allurette washer regularly because it's so quick and keeps the beautiful baby clothes I picked out for my first child fresh and vibrant, making it easy to hand them down to my newborn. I love that the Allurette washer keeps the baby clothes separate from the rest of the laundry, avoiding harsher detergents and other contaminants  


- Sarah, Allurette office admin and mother of two


In our busy lives, we all occasionally look for shortcuts, but the need to save time by almost whatever means possible is perhaps nowhere more crucial than amongst parents. After all, when you're forced to operate on lack of sleep and work around near infinite to-do lists, it's hardly surprising that pesky routine tasks like the time-consuming, skin-damaging and often messy process of hand washing, get hastily pushed to the back burner. 

But should we really continue to avoid these tasks with such vigour? Like it or not, hand washing plays an important role in the care of delicate fabrics by helping to preserve the colours and fibres of the garments we wear every day. As even the gentlest cycle on our washing machines threatens to expedite fading and tearing, leading to costly clothes repairs or replacements, the perceived extra work of hand washing can actually go a long way to saving us time and money in the long run. 



When it comes to washing our baby's clothes, correct care procedures are especially important. After all, baby skin is smooth, soft and sensitive, rendering the swift removal of potential allergens and irritants from the clothes that come into contact with that skin particularly vital in order to avoid discomfort and keep your baby happy and healthy.

Given the importance of hand washing and the frequency with which it is neglected, we here at the Allurette (especially the parents among us) have put our heads together to share some of our favourite ethical baby clothing brands, along with our top tips for gently washing baby clothes in order to provide the best level of care when it comes to the garments that embrace your little ones every day. 

 Washing baby clothes with the Allurette


The Allurette: Hand Washing Made Easy

By combining the quality and convenience of a machine wash with the gentle care of hand washing, the Allurette washer is perfect not only for cleaning baby clothes in the gentle environment they need, but also for providing tough treatment of the many stains and messes your baby's clothes will inevitably accrue throughout the day.  

How exactly does the Allurette washer manage all this? The secret is on the inside!

Equipped with a gentler version of the Scrubba wash bag’s flexible washboard, Allurette has been specially designed not only for the more delicate fabrics of baby clothes and accessories, but also for other delicate garments that parents may need to wash quickly and effectively throughout the week. This helps to increase the life of the clothes you buy, saving money on costly replacements and giving a little love back to the garments that - especially for excited toddlers who expend a lot of energy jumping, running, scrambling, and falling - see significant general wear and tear in the first place. As an added benefit, the Allurette washer keeps baby clothes separate from the regular laundry, creating an isolated washing environment free from contaminants. 


The Allurette washer's flexible washboard
The Allurette washer's flexible washboard


Because the Allurette washer requires no electricity, takes only three minutes to provide a machine-quality wash, remains sealed and mess-free (ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin provoked by exposure to moisture) and saves on water consumption, it's the easiest way to clean small loads on the spot without wasting water. This enables stains to be treated without delay and prevents laundry from piling up between washes! Weighing only 112g (3.95oz) and measuring in at just ~49 cm x 26 cm (19.3 x 10.2 inches) when laid flat, the Allurette is even perfect for travel, helping you save time and money on the road. 


The Allurette folds down small for convenience when travelling or commuting


Despite all this, we know that hand washing often feels like a chore and we understand if you're not immediately convinced. That's why we've put together the below list of reasons why you should consider occasionally washing clothes by hand: 



    Tips for Washing Baby Clothes: 

    Hand washing is the best way to preserve baby clothes and the Allurette washer makes it easier than ever, but there may be times when the washing machine is more convenient or when it feels easier to stick with what you know, especially as washing itself is just one of many components of laundry baby care. Between choosing the right materials and sizes and selecting the best baby laundry detergent and fabric softener, things can get, shall we say, a little confusing. So to ensure you're covered across the buying, washing, and drying spectrum, our team has curated the following laundry baby care tips:

     Tips for washing baby clothes


      The Allurette washer can help with the above points by enabling you to wash small laundry loads gently and effectively without delay. It also avoids the need to expose baby clothes to washing machines, which may damage delicate fabrics or sensitive skin due to both rough wash cycles and the potential for softener or chemical residues to contaminate future laundry loads. 


      Top Baby Brands the Allurette Team Treasures

      Baby clothes to dote on.

      A few of our team members have recently become proud parents and they were quick to recommend some of the ethical baby brands that keep them and their little ones smiling!


      Our office is loving these bold colours and beyond cute patterns from Melbourne-based Wilson + Frenchy:


      And we can't go past these ethical garments from the Melbourne-based Anarkid:


      We also can't get enough of the organic, natural, and chemical free range from NZ-based Nature Baby


      And these Global Organic Textile Standard-certified prints from NSW-based Milk and Masuki will never go out of style:


      Finally, we can't forget another of our all time favourites that seamlessly blends neutral tones with bold prints - the ethically manufactured range from WA-based Hubble + Duke:


      These clothes are so soft and beautiful, their patterns so rich and colourful, that it would be a real shame to comprise their longevity with poor care techniques. Instead, keep your baby happy and comfortable and ensure their clothes stay fresh, colourful, and good enough to give away or hand down by combining the above tips with an Allurette washer - just remember to always follow the care label to achieve the best results!

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