Q&A With Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice

Mother of four and self-proclaimed health nut, Janine Allis is best known for her role as the driving force behind Boost Juice. Founded in 2000, Boost Juice quickly became a household name around Australia, and has since spread its ‘love life’ philosophy among 12 countries. From humble beginnings in Adelaide, the company has expanded into over 500 stores, and what started as a mother’s mission to provide something quick and healthy for her kids while out and about, has translated into over $2 billion in global sales. 

Lacking the formal business training and university education that typically dominate the entrepreneurial field, Janine forged her own path into the world of business. Instead of drawing upon professional experience, she relied upon her life experiences of travelling the globe, to develop the practices and principles that would guide her along the entrepreneurial journey that has, today, branched into four separate businesses.

Janine’s keen development as a businesswoman has not only been recognised with a number of accolades, but also with her role as a “shark” on Shark Tank, where she channels her entrepreneurial talents to help mentor others.

A busy mother and businesswoman with a passion for healthy lifestyles, Janine recently took some time out of her loaded schedule to sample the Allurette washer, and to chat to us about the value of maintaining a healthy life-work balance and employing a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude in all areas of life.   

1. Tell us a bit about your life experiences prior to Boost Juice. How did they help shape the passion that would later be directed into your work ethic?  

I have no formal business training, so I used the naivety, common sense, and problem solving skills that I obtained while getting my young and dumb self out of trouble whilst travelling. When you start, you have no idea how many hours you need to put into creating a business – but I loved it. I was not qualified for anything, but I have had many diverse jobs along the way, from nannying in France and working as a promotions Exec (fancy title for time share sales person) in Portugal, to becoming a stewardess on David Bowie’s yacht and trying my hand as a touring agent for US comedians. All of these experiences helped to contribute to my firm belief that anything is possible if you take initiative. Having kids also made me realise just how hard it was to find healthy, on-the-go snacks, which really gave me that drive to innovate and bring something new to a field dominated by highly processed products.

2. You were obviously passionate, but as someone who had never studied business or worked in the retail sector before, how were you able to make your business dream a reality?

Being naive, I had no idea how hard it was to start a business, so when I was on a trip with my husband in the USA in 1999, I saw the Smoothie and Juice category, which got the creative juices flowing: the idea was to start a retail concept in Australia that did retailing differently. We would create something genuinely healthy and would surprise and delight our customers every day. I wasn’t really worried about my lack of experience, money, or skills, because I had no idea what was actually involved in running a business. I was on the biggest learning curve of my life! I found experts in their field and learnt from them; I read as many books as I could; I was a perpetual student and took my pad and pen to every meeting, to make sure I did not miss anything. Life/balance was a distant dream for many, many years, as was a salary or getting any money out of the business, but it all paid off with a successful and much-loved business 17 years later. People forget that my brand is owned by my customers, but the day I forget that is the day the business is over.

What does your healthy lifestyle consist of?

Along with trying to eating as little processed food and as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, I maintain a five-day-a-week yoga practice. I also love surfing and playing tennis – I just wish I was better at them!

How do you juggle this lifestyle with your work and family commitments?

My life is pretty hectic, but I think it’s easier to maintain a balanced lifestyle when you’re passionate about it. It also helps that my work and business practices pulsate those healthy, can-do vibes, as I’m always able to concentrate on maintaining the positivity that helps keep me motivated and active. As a working mother of four, I’m also always on the lookout for quick, on-the-go options, which was of course one of the driving motivations behind Boost Juice! I also love gadgets! If there is a gadget out there to save me time, then I am on it.

Speaking about quick options and gadgets, we recently gave you one of our Allurette washers to try. How did you find it?

The Allurette is great for people who, like me, are a little domestically challenged! It’s fast and mostly mess-free, and fits really well into my busy schedule. About 75% of my wardrobe consists of active wear that needs regular washing, and the Allurette is perfect for such small, frequent loads. It is also nice to be able to give these clothes the gentle wash they prefer, instead of risking the washing machine. I am also a big traveller and I do not like the hotels washing my more delicate clothes, so I always throw the Allurette in my case.

A big thanks to Janine Allis for sharing her insight into healthy, balanced lifestyles. If you’re also finding it difficult to fit laundry into your active schedule, why not grab one of our Allurette washers? Small, portable, and mess-free, it provides the easiest, gentle care for the clothes you love to wear, and will help make the burden of hand washing a thing of the past!   

Janine Allis - Allurette from Scrubba on Vimeo.