Sensitive Skin? The Allurette Gentle Washer Can Help

The new Allurette gentle washer is the easiest way to care for your skin while hand washing your delicate clothes. Coming soon to Indiegogo, be sure to sign up for the mailing list to receive exclusive launch news. 


How does hand washing affect the skin?

We’ve all experienced that horrible burning sensation that accompanies those daily chores that require us to rub our hands raw with soapy water. If you’ve ever wondered why your hands transform into painful bundles that feel like overused pin cushions after hand washing your clothes, it’s because, as The Pai Life notes, “Repeated washing, particularly with liquid soaps, strips the hands of their natural oils leaving them dry and rough …” According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, this is why soaps and detergents are some of the "most damaging of all substances routinely applied to skin …” Unfortunately, once our hands are cracked and sore, it doesn’t take much to exacerbate the situation in a manner that too often results in painful, difficult to treat skin conditions. 

Hand washing clothes is one of the major culprits behind cracked, dry skin, making this routine task a highly problematic chore, particularly for those who are already exposed to frequent hand washing, such as health care professionals. This is the primary reason why it’s so important to take measures to prevent skin from coming into contact with water and other irritants wherever possible. 

Although basic preventative measures can be achieved by using gentle detergents and rubber gloves, such simplistic solutions do not counter the fact that even “hot water can damage the skin’s natural oils” (Better Health), and may not be enough for those who suffer from conditions such as eczema. Indeed, the National Eczema Association cautions against the hand washing of either clothes or dishes altogether, instead recommending the use of a long-handled scrubber if washing by hand cannot be avoided. 

What else can hand washing affect?

Even those who do not suffer from sensitive skin and who aren’t regularly exposed to hand washing through their work, should strive to avoid excessive contact with water and detergents. After all, in addition to leading to potential dryness and cracking, water can have damaging effects on some types of jewellery and manicures. Although it is possible to fit rubber gloves over such jewellery and styled nails, or to remove jewellery pre-wash, to us this always felt more like yet another inconvenient step in an already arduous washing process than a viable solution, and it certainly didn't help to eradicate our concerns about more involved washing processes and the delicate fabrics that require them. This is why, in our quest to help women everywhere buy the clothes they want without care and maintenance concerns holding them back, we set about developing a solution that would simplify, rather than complicate, the hand washing process. 

How can the Allurrette help?

We’ve been working on an easier way to wash the clothes you love without damaging either their delicate fabrics or your skin. We call it the Allurette gentle washer, the small device that’s making a huge difference by providing the easiest, gentle care for the clothes you love to wear. Simply place any items that require a gentle wash, from lingerie to active wear, into the Allurette washer, fill with water to the marking levels provided on the bag’s exterior, add your preferred detergent, roll and clip, release excess air via the handy twist valve, and then rub the clothes gently against the internal washboard from the outside of the bag, keeping your hands dry and separate from soap and detergent. Afterwards, simply unroll the bag, replace the dirty water with clean water in order to rinse your clothes, and then hang to dry. In only 3 minutes you can achieve a machine quality wash with the gentleness of a hand wash, without coming into contact with damaging chemicals or risking the vitality of your favourite clothes.   

Highly portable for easy washing on-the-go, and equipped with a gentler version of the Scrubba wash bag’s flexible internal washboard, the Allurette really does promise the easiest, gentle care for the clothes you love to wear.

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