The Allurette Active Edition: Gentle Care for Your Active Wear

We’ve all experienced the excitement of getting a brand new set of workout clothes. We’ve all shamelessly drowned out the knowledge of our rapidly dwindling funds with highly colourful fantasies about new fitness regimes and yoga routines, telling ourselves that we need the new clothes despite the havoc they so frequently wreak on our bank accounts. And unfortunately for those bank accounts, this is absolutely true. As Livestrong puts it, ‘The clothing you wear to work out is just as important as bringing water with you.’ After all, clothes help to regulate body temperature, to protect us from the elements, to maximise our movement and confidence and even, in some cases, to help prevent injury to certain areas of the body. They do this with the help of quality materials that provide ultimate support while remaining lightweight, flexible, breathable, UV-protected, antimicrobial and moisture wicking. These are just some of the features that contribute to the hefty price tag of workout gear, and they may help us to understand why it’s so important to maximise the longevity of the clothes we choose to work out in.

One of the key ways to care for our clothes is by taking some simple precautions when it comes to washing and drying. After all, although active wear is designed with the utmost durability in mind, capable of taking one ruthless gym beating after another, you’ll likely find that it doesn’t last anywhere near as long as you would have hoped if the fabric isn’t probably cleaned at the end of your sessions. Good care and maintenance is your ticket to longevity, and longevity is the key to reducing the money spent on repairing or replacing your prized gear.

But good care and maintenance isn’t as easy as putting on a load of washing. According to Daily Burn, throwing your workout wear in with your other laundry threatens to break down its fabric, damage its antimicrobial properties, and clog up its fibres in a manner that all but destroys any wicking properties. So although it can be tempting to throw our workout gear in the washing machine at the end of the day, it’s clear that we should instead search for safer, gentler alternatives that focus on preserving the clothes we love.  

So how can we wash our workout gear safely, quickly and effectively? How can we stop either settling for cheaper clothes that fail to do our workout sessions justice, or abandoning our grand fitness fantasies altogether in favour of crumpling up our expensive clothes and tossing them into the back of wardrobes or the bottom of drawers?

The answer is the Allurette gentle washer.

Our development of Allurette has been driven by our frustration at the difficulty of caring for some of our most expensive and important clothes. Simply put, we were fed up with the arduous process of laboriously scrubbing our workout clothes after every gruelling gym session. We were sick of holding our breath every time we risked even a gentle machine wash, and exhausted trying to keep track of just how much money we’d spent on various workout clothes over the years. It didn't take long to realise that countless others shared these sentiments and were searching for a solution. We turned our attention to that solution, and so developed Allurette, the durable and environmentally-friendly wash bag that provides the gentlest care for your workout wear.

Equipped with a gentler version of the Scrubba wash bag’s flexible, internal wash board, and fitted with a handy twist valve, the Allurette enables you to spend less time caring for your clothes so you can spend more time wearing and benefiting from them. Allurette fuses durability and delicate care by combining top quality materials with the gentlest possible washing method. Lightweight and portable, easy to use, and self-contained to prevent both spillage and contaminated skin, you simply add clothes, water and a small amount of detergent, before gently rubbing some much-needed care and longevity into your favourite items. It’s hassle- and mess-free, and will enable you to get the most out of your clothes and the money you spend on them.

The Allurette is the easiest and gentlest way to wash your workout clothes, but we also recommend following these other basic tips when it comes to caring for your favourite fitness garments and keeping both their quality and aesthetic intact:

  • Act fast: Take your sweaty clothes straight out of your gym bag to dry and launder them as soon as possible to help keep them looking and smelling fresh.
  • Prepare your items: Turn your workout gear inside out. This helps to protect the colour and ensures that the regions that have been exposed to sweaty and dirty skin are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Be gentle: Where possible, always hand wash your workout clothes to help preserve the quality of the fabric, and remember that the more you machine wash, the more you risk the life of your workout wear. Be sure to protect any items you do machine wash with a mesh washing bag.
  • Choose the right products: Detergent is best avoided as it can build up on your workout clothes, damaging the fabric and leading to mildew through the entrapment of oils and skin cells. Fabric softeners and anything with fragrance or dye should also be avoided, as these can remove water-resistant and anti-UV coatings, trap in bad odours, and clog your fabric’s fibres, ultimately reducing moisture wicking and odour fighting properties. Instead, opt either for sport-specific detergents, or wash with a small quantity of vinegar to help combat odour and keep your clothes fresh.
  • Be mindful of temperature: Wash in cold water unless care instructions state otherwise, as hot water tends to fade colours, break down fabrics, and reduce stretch.
  • Air dry: Both tumble drying, which risks changing the fit of your clothes by manipulating their elasticity, and exposure to direct sunlight, which tends to compromise colour, should be avoided. Instead, air dry your clothes in the shade to increase longevity.

When paired with the Allurette gentle washer, these steps make caring for your workout clothes in a quick, efficient and cost-effective manner that preserves both quality and overall aesthetic, unbelievably easy. With the Allurette, it’s never been simpler!