The Allurette delicates washer: The Secret’s Out of the Bag

For the past month we have been tempting our supporters, probing their imagination and sparking their curiosity with our tantalising clues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as part of our guess the AlluretteTM campaign. We’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback, and have truly appreciated the support and enthusiasm we’ve received from all over the globe, but the Allurette excitement doesn’t end here. To keep showing your support and to stay up to date with the product launch, be sure to join our mailing list. Signing up will grant you access to exclusive news about pre-orders on Kickstarter, and will enable you to become one of the first to grab an Allurette of your very own. A whole new exciting chapter is about to begin, but for now we’d like to share, for the very first time, exclusive details and images of the Scrubba wash bag’s sister product: the Allurette delicates washer.

Many of you guessed correctly and expressed your support for a delicate wash bag that complements both home life and travel. This is why we’re excited to bring you the Allurette, a wash bag that has been specially designed for those items that require a little extra care. Equipped with a gentler version of the Scrubba wash bag’s flexible washboard, Allurette ensures that caring for delicates is quick, easy and effective. Combining the Scrubba wash bag’s tough, waterproof fabric with a smaller design complete with a sleek white and aqua finish, Allurette is the outcome of our mission to combine durability and practicality with the lightest, gentlest materials.

Why Allurette and why a delicates washer? Because we want to add a little more flexibility and convenience to women’s lives by giving back the time and care that are too often diminished by busy, active schedules. Hand washing can be time-consuming and messy, not to mention harsh on skin, whilst even the gentlest machine cycles threaten to harm delicate clothing. Allurette has been designed to overcome these problems, simplifying the usually arduous process of washing delicates by combining a machine quality wash with the gentle care of handwashing. Allurette embraces unique styles, helps you maintain your own sense of wellness and, above all, provides the easiest care for the clothes you love to wear.

With Allurette you can focus on what’s really important: looking and feeling exactly how you want. Small and compact, it’s perfect for both home and travel, and folds easily into small cases, handbags and backpacks. Quick and convenient without compromising care and quality, Allurette is the small product that is making a big difference. Now you can confidently buy and wear exactly what you want without care and maintenance concerns holding you back.  

With Allurette you can:

Save time:

Got delicates folded at the bottom of your drawers or hanging in the back of your closet because you don’t have time to hand wash and know that even the gentlest machine cycle is too rough? It’s time to rejuvenate them! Like the Scrubba wash bag, Allurette contains a flexible, internal washboard equipped with hundreds of resilient ‘nodules’ that provide a gentle, machine-quality wash in just three minutes.

Hand wash without mess:

Allurette is self-contained, preventing you from having to mop up any soapy spills, but is just as gentle as a handwash, enabling you to buy the clothes you want without having to hunt around for less delicate options. If you avoid hand washing because the clean-up takes longer than the washing process itself, switch to Allurette and start experiencing the benefits of an unrestricted, mess-free wash.

 Extend the life of your clothes:

With Allurette you can both wear the clothes that require a little extra care and wash them without damage, helping to extend their life and to prevent time-consuming repairs. Get the most out of your favourite garments by giving them the Allurette treatment and enjoying them for years to come.

Save money:

Longer lasting clothes means less money spent on their replacement or restoration and now, thanks to Allurette’s lightweight, compact design, you can care for your delicate clothes anywhere, anytime. No more forking out exorbitant amounts for the battered, unpredictable machines that litter stuffy laundromats, and no more creating a huge mess in an unhygienic hotel sink. Simply pack your Allurette delicates washer and travel with confidence, flaunting your own sense of fashion and style. 

Care for the environment:

Because Allurette requires no electricity, uses minimal water and enables grey water to be disposed of away from the water source, you can enjoy using your Allurette anywhere, confident in the knowledge that you’re respecting the environment and helping to maintain the beautiful planet that we all share.

Look and feel exactly how you want:

Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate garments, Allurette allows you to protect your hands and promote the longevity of your clothes in just a few quick, simple steps. No more compromising your own sense of style, no more pushing delicate items to the back of your wardrobe, no more creating a mess in your laundry, and no more frequent clothes’ repairs or replacements. With Allurette you can care for the clothes that you love with minimal time and effort, and look exactly how you want, no compromises.  

What can be washed in the Allurette?

Allurette makes it easy to care for all delicate clothing, including most:

  • Lingerie
  • Sleepwear
  • Wool
  • Cotton linen
  • Clothing with metallic thread
  • Silk
  • Jersey
  • Lace
  • Active wear
  • Beaded or sequined clothing
  • Costumes
  • Baby clothes

Product Specifications:


112g (3.95oz)


Approximately 49 cm x 26 cm (19.3 x 10.2 inches) when laid flat.

13 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm (5.1 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches) when conveniently rolled and clipped.