Get the Facts: The Allurette Gentle Washer vs Machine and Hand Washing

We're getting ready to launch the Allurette gentle washer amidst much positive feedback from our supporters on Facebook and Instagram. This early enthusiasm has greatly fuelled our excitement for the upcoming Indiegogo campaign, and we look forward to sharing more news of the Allurette with our incredible supporters in the near future. In the meantime, we encourage everyone who hasn’t yet signed up to join our mailing list, as this is the best and easiest way to receive exclusive details about the upcoming campaign. Right now, however, we want to share some of Allurette’s backstory and talk a bit about our recent commitment to combining the sensitivity of hand washing with the quality of a machine wash.

The story behind the Allurette gentle washer:

Why Allurette and why a gentle washer? Because we all have busy schedules and active, on-the-go lifestyles, meaning we all look for shortcuts! We’re hoping to give back the care and flexibility that are too often erased by these schedules. A basic Google search for washing or laundry will return hundreds of results containing tips for quick and effective hand washing, second in quantity only to those articles that attempt to answer the question, ‘Do I really need to hand wash that?’ These are powerful indicators of the strict time demands under which so many of us operate as we attempt to juggle personal and professional commitments, seeking ways to streamline every possible task in order to get the most out of our busy days. Indeed, the popularity of such searches suggests that nearly all of us have, at one time or another, washed something contrary to the directions on the care label or forgone washing altogether due to the time consuming nature of hand washing and the fear of damaging delicate fabrics if we risk a machine wash. This is the core problem we’re seeking to solve with Allurette.  

Get the facts: 

The difficult hand wash vs machine wash problem is one that all of us will have encountered at some point. After all, although the term ‘hand wash’ is typically associated with delicate items like lingerie, the reality is a little different, with some of today’s most popular fabrics, including wool, silk, rayon and linen, frequently being slapped with the dreaded ‘hand wash’ label. It’s clear, therefore, that ‘delicate’ clothes are part of the everyday routine, which make it easy to see why so many of us are keen to look for alternative options to the daily hand washing that involves vast time and energy consumption, a slippery bathroom floor leading to even more household chores, and dry, damaged hands caused by exposure to soap or other chemicals. But before you resign yourself to risking the washing machine or vehemently decrying all hand wash items, there are some facts you should consider:

What does this mean for our clothes? All the facts seem to point to an eternally unsolvable problem, with the prospect of saving time and money while simultaneously caring for our garments and the environment fading into little more than a tantalising fantasy.

Until the Allurette gentle washer, that is.

We’ve always been committed to innovations that help make journeys easier, so we couldn’t resist turning our attention to the frustrating problem of washing those items that require a little extra care. We’ve ensured maximum effectiveness by modelling the Allurette gentle washer on our highly successful Scrubba wash bag, and by designing and developing the Allurette according to our need to solve these everyday machine and hand wash complications:

Our desire to solve these problems has been the driving force behind our development of the Allurette gentle washer, a smaller take on our famous Scrubba wash bag. Equipped with a gentler version of the Scrubba’s durable, flexible wash board and fitted with a handy twist valve, the Allurette enables you to spend less time caring for your clothes so you can spend more time looking and feeling exactly how you want. At its core, Allurette fuses durability and delicate care by combining top quality materials with the gentlest possible washing method. Lightweight and portable, easy to use, and self-contained to prevent both spillage and contaminated skin, it provides the easiest, gentle care for the clothes you love to wear. 

Simply add clothes, water, and a small amount of cleaning liquid, then gently rub some much-needed care and longevity into your favourite items, before wearing them again and again. No hassle, no fuss, no compromises, it’s the small device that’s making a huge difference, and it’s coming soon to Indiegogo. 


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