The Countdown to Allurette Begins

Something new is on the horizon.

Something we’ve been carefully developing alongside the Scrubba wash bag.

Something to save you time.

Something to conserve energy – both yours and the environment’s!

Something to freshen up your look.

Something to help rejuvenate the way you feel.

Something to compliment both the home-dweller and the world-wanderer.

Something small that’s making a big difference.

Something tough and durable but also lightweight and gentle.

We call it Allurette.

The team that brought you the Scrubba has been working hard on a sister product that rolls convenience and effectiveness into one. Following the success of our Scrubba wash bag and the positive feedback we’ve received from all the over globe, we’re more inspired than ever to keep introducing new, innovative products into home and hotel. Allurette has been carefully designed with both daily life and travel in mind, and embodies not only our commitment to the environment, but also our clean, light and free philosophy. The core values that helped to build the Scrubba are all there, but we’ve made some important changes …

With Allurette we aim to add a little more flexibility and convenience to women’s lives by helping give back the time and care that are too often erased by busy schedules. This is why Allurette has been specially developed to embrace unique styles and to help you confidently maintain your own sense of wellness. Because Allurette saves time and energy, it promises to make your day just a little easier, allowing you to focus on the more important things – like looking and feeling exactly how you want. If you’d like to easily and confidently embrace your sense of style, you won’t want to miss the Allurette product launch. Sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get exclusive details and to be one of the first to see the big reveal!