Why you should, and how to, avoid the coin laundry

Self Isolation can be fairly easy if we have access at home for everything we need.

Across the globe many countries are facing total lock downs to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID19).  During this difficult time, it is important to maintain a high standard of hygiene . Not just washing hands, you need to wash clothing and bedding frequently as well. 

Self isolation can be quite tricky for residents in apartments (particularly in places like Manhattan) where access to personal washing machines can be restricted. Using personal washing machine can lead to issues such as floor/ceiling cracks, mold growth and water damage. In many NYC apartment spaces were built decades before a washing machines even became common in households. 

 Apartment dwellers usually drag dirty laundry baskets to shared basement facilities or drive/walk to the nearest public coin laundry.

- Washing machines may be poorly maintained
- Surfaces such as folding tables are usually not 100% clean
- Theft of clothing may occur 

- High costs, with the average washing loads costing between $2-3.
- Some are cash only, operated with quarters
- Time consuming
- Not environmentally friendly as a lot of energy is used

These washing options can put others at risk during self isolation. Do you need to sterilize the washing machine before use, if it's not card operated will you have to handle quarters or visit a bank, will you be in a small room potentially with other people until the load is finished or risk the theft of your belongings?

To prevent leaving your apartment space hand washing the next best option. It is a quicker option however your sink may not provide a quality wash. Washing your clothes in a sink can also be unhygienic and can be messy, which could potentially result in dangerous spills. Frequent hand washing can also damage the skin especially for people with dermatitis. 

Buy a portable washing machine

A handy alternative is the Allurette delicates washer (available here) or our brother product - the Scrubba wash bag (available here). Both take up very little space and can easily be rolled up and stored in your drawers. Originally designed to allow travellers and campers to pack less clothes and wash them anywhere for free, both the Allurette washer and Scrubba wash bag allow a machine quality wash for a small load of clothes in just minutes.  They have been trusted by over 230,000 travellers worldwide who travel clean, light and free. You only need to use an Allurette washer or Scrubba wash bag a dozen times to make buying your own washing machine worth it. 


The patented washboard-in-a-bag design used for the Allurette washer and Scrubba bags is easy to use.  Just add dirty clothes, water, soap, fold bag up to the guidelines, let out excess air, scrub for 3 minutes then rinse with clean water. During isolation avoid your basement dryer and par dry with a microfibre towel (also available at thescrubba.com). Par drying can help speed up the drying process and prevent dripping on your floor.

The Allurette washer is smaller than the Scrubba wash bag and features less pronounced washboard knobs making it suitable for even the most delicate clothes.

The Allurette washer and Scrubba wash bag does not require any disinfecting. You will only need to rinse and turn the wash bag inside-out to dry after each use. Our washers uses microbial and hydrolysis resistant polyether TPU, air drying the inside of the bag will help it last longer and make it more hygienic. 

 In this changing climate, remember to keep calm and stay clean with the Allurette washer and Scrubba wash bag. If you don’t have one you can find out more here.