Win an Allurette Washer and Hear What Our First Winner Had to Say

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Allurette washer on Indiegogo, we’re giving away our portable, electricity-free washer for ‘hand wash only’ items, to three lucky winners! To go into the running to win an Allurette prior to the product launch, click here and follow the prompts!

Want to hear more? Check out the comments from our previous competition winner, who scored an Allurette washer back in August as part of our first giveaway.  

1. You’re the first person to try our brand new gentle washer! Can you tell us if it’s easy to use? 

Yes! Very easy!

2. Does it effectively wash clothes and would you trust it with your delicates?

Yes, it worked really well on swim suits, especially on a boat where water supply is very limited. 

3. Does it feel durable/well made? 

Yes, it held up very well for multiple purposes!

4. How portable is it? Is it easy to store and carry?

Super easy, takes up no space at all, and lies completely flat in my suitcase. 

5. Is it aesthetically appealing?

I like the white color! I prefer that to something bright.

6. Where will you use the Allurette and how will it come in handy in your routine?

I am a flight attendant, so I keep it in my bag to wash stockings, neck scarves and anything else I may need during my trip.

7. What are your overall impressions of the product and would you recommend it to others?

I love it! Not only was it great for quickly washing something small with only a little water – which is really important on a boat – but it is also a really great dry bag for any time you have to swim to shore or take a wet dinghy ride.

A big thanks to our previous competition winner for helping us to introduce some features of the Allurette washer ahead of its official launch. Remember to sign up to the Allurette newsletter for exclusive content, and stay tuned for news of the big launch, because the easiest, gentle care for the clothes you love to wear, is almost here!